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Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: But a woman that fears YAHUAH, she shall be praised.


And now, my daughter, fear not; I will do to thee all that thou requirest: for all the city of my people doth know that thou art a virtuous woman.


Current series...

What is a

In this video series we will dig deeper into scripture to find out what is a VIRTUOUS woman, what the characteristics of a VIRTUOUS woman are and how a VIRTUOUS woman should conduct herself as a married or single woman. Also, in this series we will identify who and what our covering is…

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Shalum Daughters Of Yasharal Grace, Mercy, And Peace Be Unto You And Your Families. A Little About Me, I Am A Wife And A Mother Of Four Children And We All Love YAHUAH!

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Shalum ahutyam and daughters of Yasharal we had a great study on the book of Esther that we finished up today. It takes a lot of boldness, courage and faith to do what she did. And yet she still honored and respected the king who was her husband. She didn't demand her requests. She had a purpose and it was accomplished and fulfilled!

Next week we will be reading about Deboryah in the book of Judges chapters 4 and 5.


Shalum Daughters of Yasharal,
I enjoyed reading the book of Ester so many important nuggets from reading.
Key nugget: Yahuah chose Ester to do what she did for he people and Moredica was chosen as well. Who Yahuah chose is right


Shalum Daughters of Yasharal 💕


Shalum Ahut DaYah! 🩷


Shabat Shalum Ahutyam! Halal Yahuah!


Shalum Daughters of Yasharal,
YashaYahu 3 16
The daughters of Tsyaun are haughty

I looked up the definition of haughty
Haughty- they considered themselves to be above others, high minded, look down on others,


Shalum Ahut DaYah! Tudah atah for sharing this... this is a good topic for video.... 🤔


Shalum Ahut D
Yes it would be


Shalum Ahutyam, Join me tomorrow to pray and worship Yahuah.... click the link below or copy and paste the clink in your browser to join.


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Shalum Ahutyam! Reminder Feast of Weaks/Shabuat starts tonight. No servile work can be done but you can bake, boil and kindle a fire. Rejoice for this is the day Yahuah poured His Ruah out to the children of Yasharal. Enjoy your feast day!


Shalum Daughters Of Yasharal


Shabat Shalum Ahutyam!


Shabat Shalum Daughters of Yasharal 💕


Shabat Shalum Ahut DaYah!


Shabat Shalum Daughters of Yasharal! Hope to see you all on the meet up today at 2pm est.


Faithful Friends
Posted by our Aha/ Bru Ka"Yahu

Eccliesiasticus 6;14-17

Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter
Whoever finds one has found a treasure
Faithful friends are beyond price
no amount can balance their worth
faithful friends are life-saving medicine
And those who fear YAHUAH wil find them
Those who fear YAHUAH direct their friendship aright,
for as thy are,so are their neighbor also


so many topics to speak on.....


I pray some of the other Ahutyam would engage more on here... but I'm very thankful Yah brought you here and we connected instantly I feel like...


I pray the same thing Ahut D!, I can't say a lot on the group chat because it wont go through, so I come on here to post lenghthy conversations.
Yes we did connect and I thank YAH.


The moon and our bodies are connected , we know that the moon is feminine and give off feminine energy {Hanuk 77} I remember when I was having cycles , mines came on like clockwork 28 days and lasted 4-5. I no longer have cycles but the information I can find now makes me want
to learn more about the moon and the effects it has on our bodies. The renewed moon happens every month, washing our hair at the beginning of the renewed moon.
I remember my Mom telling me not to wash my hair on my cycle and don't take a bath after delivery. I never thought of those things then why she told me those things but as I am older I know the effects of our health. What are some of the things your Mom told you?

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Unfortunately I didn't really grow up with my mom I lived with my dad and stepmother but she nor my mom didn't tell me anything. Had learn it all on my own. But my cycle is always right on time. Maybe a day early from time to time but lately it's been around the last week of Yah months. Before I had children my cycles were all messed up long crazy cycles.


Oh okay,
I guess having children straighten your cycle out,
I know I am long past having cycles but I was reading women can go by the moon for conception, sex of baby. I know its no way I can find out these thing because my body have changed.


Well, I still have cycles but I tied my tubes after having my youngest (Regret doing it now) so no more children from me unless Yah unties my tubes... lol


lol, I tied my tubes after I had Trevor, I repented on it later.
It's so much stuff we done wrong because we didn't no any better, well Yahuah may untie my tubes bur ain got no husband so no more babies for me either lol


I prayed for complete restoration of my body, I ask Yahuah to remove the urges for sex and it's gone, I don't have no husband no need for the urges. The enemy even used sex as a weapon
It's so many things to speak on, maybe to help the younger women, I dont know


True the enemy know what we like and what our flesh need... sex is a powerful drug.. one that is very hard to get out of. But with Yahuah anything and everything is possible.


I am not talking about you and married couples, I am talking about the one who has sex and not married, I'm not judging anyone but I do know now sex is not like YAHUAH intended for it to be here in captivity, I was in relationships looking for something in a man that I never found and the emotional damage from that. I now call myself a born again virgin, and I will save myself for my born again virgin husband if that's YAH will. I never was the type of woman that said I don't need a husband I just ended up without one. YAH knows the desires of my heart tho.
Your right with YAHUAH anything is possible, Im a witness to that.
I hope you don't mind me talking about this to you, I don' t even know why it's on my mind.


Oh, I know you weren't talking about married couples and me. However I was once single and was in the world and when you open yourself up to that it's hard to come out of it.... I know I been there done that.

I dont mind its a topic that nobody wants to talk about but we all go through it....


Tudah Ahut D,
I know I can always talk to you.
I love you Ahut D, Iam going to bed now , sleepy.
I said enough for now lol, goodnight


True... and to think I was always against getting them tied until I had 4 children in 6 years...


Shalum Daughters of Yasharal

I reading YashaYahu 3: 16-24
The daughters of Tsayaun/ Zion was haughtty, walked with strecthed forth necks, wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet.


YAHUAH is able

Trust in YAHUAH- YashaYahu 26; 4
No matter what's going on trust in YAH

Rejoice in YAHUAH- 1 Thessalonians 5: 16
When your burdens are weighing you down

Seek ye YAHUAH- YashaYahu 55-6
Search for YAHUAH and he will be found

Call on YAHUAH - YashaYahu 55-6
You may have no one else to call on

Thank YAHUAH- Tahalyam 118:1
For all he has done for you


Shalum Daughter of Yasharal,


5 In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is YAHUAH'S Pasah
6 And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of unleavened bread unto YAHUAH;
seven days ye must eat unleavened.


Shalum Daughters Of Yasharal

Yahuah is the father's name
HallaluYah is the highest praise
Give YAHUAH all our praise today

Halla Yahuah


Haha Yes sing it loud and sing it proud! ❤️



SING O Daughter OF Yasharal
O give thanks unto YAHUAH, for he is good; and his mercy endureth forever.
O give thanks to YAH of gods: for his mercy endureth forever.
O give thanks to YAH of lords; for his mercy endureth forever
To him alone doth great wonder;
for his mercy endureth forever.
Forever forever forever Yah mercy endureth
Sing O daughters of Yasharal


Shalum AhutYam
YAHUAH'S Barukyam


Shalum Ahut DaYah! I ahab your faithfulness. You are on here everyday posting encouraging everyone posting scriptures. Praise Yah for you Ahut!


I love YAH and doing this everyday gives me joy and shalum as I reads his dabaryam and share with my Yasharal Mashapah ♥️.
Tudah Yah for you Ahut D ♥️



21 A woman when she is travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come but as soon as she shall deliver of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.

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Shalum Ahutyam


Amunah / Faith the size of a mustard seed

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