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Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: But a woman that fears YAHUAH, she shall be praised.


And now, my daughter, fear not; I will do to thee all that thou requirest: for all the city of my people doth know that thou art a virtuous woman.


Current series...

What is a

In this video series we will dig deeper into scripture to find out what is a VIRTUOUS woman, what the characteristics of a VIRTUOUS woman are and how a VIRTUOUS woman should conduct herself as a married or single woman. Also, in this series we will identify who and what our covering is…

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Shalum Daughters Of Yasharal Grace, Mercy, And Peace Be Unto You And Your Families. A Little About Me, I Am A Wife And A Mother Of Four Children And We All Love YAHUAH!

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Shalum ahutyam and daughters of Yasharal we had a great study on the book of Esther that we finished up today. It takes a lot of boldness, courage and faith to do what she did. And yet she still honored and respected the king who was her husband. She didn't demand her requests. She had a purpose and it was accomplished and fulfilled!

Next week we will be reading about Deboryah in the book of Judges chapters 4 and 5.


Shalum Daughters of Yasharal,
I enjoyed reading the book of Ester so many important nuggets from reading.
Key nugget: Yahuah chose Ester to do what she did for he people and Moredica was chosen as well. Who Yahuah chose is right


Shabat Shalum Daughters of Yasharal 💕
All Esteem unto YAHUAH


Shabat Shalum Ahut DaYah!


Shalum Daughters of Yasharal,

NO matter what's going on around you, keep trusting in Yahuah
keep praying and continue to hold onto Yahuah yadyam and cling into him.
Esteem Yahuah


Tudah ahut DaYah for your encouraging words and scriptures!


Shabat Shalum Daughters of Yasharal 💕
I'm looking forward to see y'all later on the Meet Up.
I pray all is well


Shalum Daughters of Yasahral

Just a reminder
Tahalyam 145:18

18 Yahuah is nigh unto all them that call upon him,
to all that call upon him in truth.

Call On Yahuah at all times and on all things
All esteem to Yahuah

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Shabat Shalum Daughters Of Yasharal

Trust YE in YAHUAH for ever , in YAHUAH is everlasting strength


Shabbat Shalum Ahutyam💐🫶🏽


Shabat Shalum Ahut Yanna


Shabat Shalum ahut!


Shalum Daughters Of Yasharal,

Mashalyam/ Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in Yahuah with all thy heart and lean not unto thy own thinking.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge Yahuah, and he shall direct thy path

Halal be unto Yahuah


Ahutyam we will be studying the women. Starting from the beginning with Chuah also known as Eve...


Tudah ahut!


Shabat Shalum Ahutyam


Shabat Shalum!


Shalum Ahutyam!


Shabat Shalum


Shabat shalum ahut


Tahalyam 5:3

My qul/voice shalt thou shama/hear in the baqur
O Yahuah in the baqur will I direct my palat/prayer to you, and will look up


Tuab Baqur Ahutyam


Shamach= glad

Our language , ancient abarya

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See we need you to teach us the our language the ancient language...


Yeah because the English language is spells and wicthcraft.
Iam tired of speaking they're language, we have a language why not use it ?


True... and there is so many different "hebrew" words that people use shalum/shalom ach and achuty....


Taub Baqur= good morning


Shabat Shalum Ahutyam

Good Prep Yaum


Shalum Ahutyam!


Shalum Ahutyam,

I ahab this verse
Hala Yahuah


Shalum Daughters of Yasharal

This past Shabat Ahut Tyshikia ask the question is Aba the name we call Yahuah?

Parallel Abarya Old Testament

I researched several scriptures
Yaramayahu / Jeremiah 31: 9 Abayak
Yaramayahu / Jeremiah 3;19 Abaya

Yashayahu/ Isaiah 64:8 Abayanu
Yashayahu 63:16 Abayanu

Dabaryam/ Deuteromny 32: 6 Abayak

Malakaya / Malachi 2:10 Abatyanu

Strong's H 1 Aba - Alaph, Hay
this is the earthly father Aba

I think for Yahuah is either Abayak or Abaya
Yahuah Abayak or Yahuah Abaya

What does yak mean again? Mureh uses Alahyak

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Shalum ahutyam, this is a great question! What I've noticed is that Yahuah is the Father's name all those others are His title. We call Him by His name. Aba means father, AlahYak mean Head/Strong Shepherd with a stretched out arm and open palm. He is our Head Shepherd who stretched out his arm. Here is part of the Exodus or Shamut 20:2 in the Paleo Abarya script.


Oh yeah; tudah atah
Titles also has Abaya, Abayak,
Abayanu, Abatyanu


Shalum Daughters of Yasharal

Trust in Yahuah and lean not to our own inner thinkings, we daughters need to lean on Yahuah for everything we do and trust in him 100%, no doubts, worrying,

Mashalyam/ Proverbs 3:5
Trust in Yahauh with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own inner thinkings

As we go through our busy lives each day, remember Yahuah knows everything and whats best for us .

Halal Yahuah


Tahalyam 29:11

11 Yahuah will give strenght unto his people: Yahuah will barak his people with shalum
Halal Yahuah


Shabat Shalum Daughters of Yasharal


Shalum Ahut/sisters.
Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Amanda Jane, I am New to Yahuah-aluah. I'm from the UK, not bloodline Yasheral I am part of the mixed multitude. White European and I just wanted to say it's a pleasure to be amongst the Most Highs treasured people. 🥰
I came from mainstream Christianity, 2 years ago I discovered we are to keep the laws still so I walked in what I call the Torah community, was taught that I am Yasheral because I keep the laws but never sat right about their explaining of who's grafted in. So I've been on a journey to seek wisdom and truth! The words says knock on the door and it shall be open I have been banging and pleading to know the truth. And praise Yahuah for putting Mureh of Yasheral in my path. What a freedom it is to know the TRUTH Ahut 🙌
And I am really enjoying the videos here.
Quick question, As I'm the mixed multitude do I need to wear a head covering to? I'm happy to I just don't want to come across that I think I'm chosen to if I'm not if that makes sense. ( I never want to come across has higher than Yahuah's children) For I know my position in the kingdom. To serve Yahuah's people is to serve him. I delight in Yahuah and all that belongs to him . 🥰
But I have no idea how to wear one 🤦
I have recently come across a 1925 original video of Jerusalem of the people there, all beautiful melanated people. 🥰
It's such a delight to see, unfortunately the white European came in in 1948 to white everything out.
I'm so sorry for this 😢
It's doing its rounds on You tube tho. The truth is coming out more and more Ahut!!
All praises to the Most High
Happy preparation day Ahut.


Shalum and Welcome Ahut Amanda Jane.
Im glad Yahuah lead you to the truth to Mureh of Yasharal channel and Yahuah Aluah site.
Halal be to Yahauh for you longing for the truth and you found Yahuah his truth and his people, we all was brought to the same path.
Happy Prep day to you as well and may Yahuah continue to be with you and barak/bless you


Shalum and welcome Ahut Amanda! I'm so glad Yahuah led you to Mureh and to His truth. To answer your question I'm not sure if you "have" to wear head covering, however it signifies that you are covered. And many women wore them because it is also a form of being modest. Now you Maynor be blood but you are one of us now so you are our Ahut/sister. Happy Prep day and I pray we see or hear from you on our meetup @2pm est every Shabat Day! Click on the Yasharal Meetup page in the menu up top and click join. If you don't have the webex platform you will have download it on your phone or pc. If need help I can help you can call, text me or email me.

Shalom Yasharal! Comment Herex
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