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Mayaka'al Ben Yasharal

Mighty Man Of Yasharal

“My Testimony of how I came into ‘The TRUTH”

Every experience in my life has contributed to where I am today. But I will fast forward to when my wife and I decided to relocate from her hometown of Portland, Oregon to Virginia where my family lives in 2012. Enduring everyday hardships, living paycheck to paycheck, stability was not an option. As we moved from place to place , we longed for a place to call home and just live normal like everyone else who got to go on yearly vacations and family trips and had a stable home to come back to. This was a dream for us, because we only worked to survive and not live.

For the next nine years we lived blindly as Christians, trapped in a “Perpetual Cycle” of transgression, understanding nothing but the bad experiences we encountered in the church we attended. For a long time I didnt understand why I was so mad at the way our people were being treated and the lack of accountability by those who oppress our people. I was very angry. And one day when I was on a Youtube Comment board, I received a comment from Mureh. He told me EVERYTHING! And that was the day our lives changed forever. By this time in 2021 my family and I were homeless living in a hotel and living off my workers comp checks I received weekly for a sustained injury in my previous career. I was a Sheet Metal Worker At The Shipyard here in Virginia. I worked on Virginia Class Submarines For the United States Navy.

The Most High Already had us separated from everyone we used to know, close family members, close friends, church staff, all just fell off. We were alone. And this is when The Most High began to work on our hearts and bring us out of darkness. Seems like it was a crash course because we learned and were finally able to see the TRUTH of the scriptures for the first time in our lives and we were also introduced to the Father’s Time and how to keep HIS Shabbats. Now I understand why our people are treated this way and have the understanding that we can not be mad at the tool of correction YAHUAH used to bring us back to HIM, because we suffer because of the transgressions of our forefathers and of our own to this day. Praise YAHUAH for allowing me to see these things even at the age of 52. I am blessed to have a wife and children who love and support me and YAHUAH is slowly teaching me how to lead them with STRONG HANDS. We still continue to struggle today, but all of our basic needs are supplied and no matter what we will continue to seek ye first the Kingdom and HIS Righteousness. HalleluYAH!

Brother Ka'YAHU

Mighty Man Of Yasharal

My Testimony

My story starts out with me trying to help a family member. Said family member has been dealing with hearing voices for several years. They were not born with this condition, but it came upon them in their adult years. But I started looking for deliverance churches to help them heal and get rid of the (demons) torturing them. I found several online videos and a few in Phoenix. I even called one on the phone and had them do their speaking in tongues deliverance with me and said family member (I feel dumb about it now). I was also living in complete rebellion of Yahuahs laws (even though I didn’t know Him yet, or the extent of my sins). So I was driving one night in 2020, talking to said family member about “god” and giving our lives over to him. It was between 12/3am. We were speaking for about 2 hrs. Before our conversation I was watching/listening to church videos. But not even 5 min after hanging up the phone as I was driving on a main street called Camelback, traveling about 45 mph, I seen a man laying on a bus bench (the kind that has the lighted covering) with his back to street, curled up in a fetal position. He was European, he had on no shirt, shoes or socks. He also had nothing with him. No backpack, blanket or bags of any kind. There wasn’t even shoes, it was just him. But what got me was he had 2 very fresh looking scars(still wet with blood) between his shoulder blades.

Now picture an Angel (Alayam), that’s recently had his wings ripped off. Yeah , definitely spooked me. I know what I saw, and I thought about slowing down and turning around, but by the time my mind registered what I just saw, I was down a little too far. Now I did take that as a sign (not knowing the meaning at the time), but thought it was a message for said family member and not me. So I immediately called my family member back and spilled out everything that just happened. They were more wise than I was at the time and told me, if that manifestation/vision was for them, it would’ve been shown to them not me. (Now this is something I didn’t disclose in the beginning, but I was a weed smoker and cocaine user at this time, and always had both on me. And it’s important to say that because it is part of the story). But after I was told that by my family member, I started contemplating on that all night. Then that’s when fear kicked in. When I got home I went straight to my walk-in closet closed the door, lit 3 candles and started praying. I was using the terms god and jesus in my prayer. But my prayer was heartfelt because now I was scared. The thoughts running through my mind was that I was doomed. I messed my life up soo bad that I was definitely going to hell and there was no salvation for me. So I was in tears praying to our Father begging and asking what can I do to redeem myself ( I was raised and baptized in Jehovah witnesses when I was 11) so I even asked did I need to go back there and confess all my sins to the Elders there, and face the ostracizing, ridicule and embarrassment.

And this is the time I first felt the Ruwah. I felt it in my soul to “not” go back there. It was like a definite feeling of stay away . I started reading the bible starting from Genesis. This went on for 3 days and 3 nights, me praying and crying in my war room. Now during these 3 days and nights, I was still doing drugs and still I prayed and talked to our Father during the day, and when I got home I went and locked myself in my closet, lit 3 candles and prayed my heart out in uttermost fear. But on the first day as I was driving I was still watching these online preachers on Facebook. And as I scrolled down to find the next video to watch, a post popped up. It was just typed in and It was Hebrews 10:26 ” For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins”. I immediately knew that was a sign, and knew what it was about. So I dug in my pocket took the weed and cocaine I had in my pocket and tossed them out the window. Now me being stiff-necked like our ancestors, later that night I stopped at the spot and purchased more weed and cocaine. Now the second day happened almost the same way. I was driving watching videos obviously high, still watching/listening to preachers on Facebook, and as I was scrolling, a preacher was on his pulpit reading from the scriptures, and the very first words to come out of his mouth was? Yup , you guessed it. He read Hebrews 10:26.

At that moment I knew I was messing up. And once again I went in pocket and pulled out what I had in there, and threw them out the window. And from that day on, I never touched the stuff again. Now, on the third night, while I was in my war room, still scared in fear of my soul, I prayed like I never prayed before. I told our Father, to reveal His name to me. Because I knew they took His name out of our book. I told Him I didn’t want use a name that He would hate/turn away from or hold me responsible for calling on another Mighty one. I told him I wanted Him in my life, I wanted Him to take the wheel, as I pleaded for forgiveness of my sins even in particular the drug thing. And that night. The 3rd night. In my war room, I felt the Ruwah powerful in my soul. As I was praying and crying, I all of a sudden got this feeling of calm, like someone came behind me and gave me the most loving and comforting hug from behind. The tears stopped. And immediately after that I had this feeling of love and calm. And it started from my head and drained down all the way to my feet. Imagine having a full body ache due to pressure build-up. Now imagine someone coming up to you with a needle. They poke you on your big toe, and the pressure immediately starts to drain, starting from your head, all the way down to your toes. And you feel like a brand new person. All pain and pressure literally drained from head to toe, and I felt every inch of every part of my body as the fear drained. It was Beautiful.

And when I walked out my war room that night, I was filled with peace and knowing that I was not forsaken. I also knew that I had to dedicate my life to our Father, learn and follow the commandments. And do my best to not sin again, especially on purpose. Now I found Yahuahs name not too long after, and started my Shabbats from Friday to Sat. Then that’s when Brother Daud popped up on my Youtube feed, and that’s when I found the true Shabbats. And also confirmation that Yahuah is the true name of our Mighty One ( his teachings went deep on our Fathers name, and definitely help reassure me) . I am Blessed to be here now. And even more blessed to have a Family who believes the same. Because I’ve always asked Yahuah to connect me with Hebrew Brothers and Sisters who I can talk to, study with and learn from. Now finding someplace to worship Yahuah was another mission. And if Yah willing, I will also share that story one day. Because believe me, Yahs Ruwah was involved in that journey also. Love, Shalom and Barukings to all of you. All Praises to our Abba Yah, in the name of Yahusha our Ma’shaYah, Halleu-Yahuah

Sister Da'Yah

Ahut Da'YAH

Daughter Of Yasharal

My journey began in 2015

In 2015 I got injured at work. My job description was lifting my client that was bedridden and she required complete care. I worked with my client for 11 yrs before I got injured. When I went to the doctor and an MRI was ordered the test showed I had tore my left rotator cuff and it required surgery. The surgery was done in June 2016, the recovery was slow and painful. I was unable to work and my job didn’t want to pay me for worker comp. I had to hire a lawyer to get some money out of being out of work. In 2017-2018 I started watching videos on You tube, those videos were on entertainers, sports, music. I couldn’t believe some of the things I found out, the things had to be done to get where they were .

It was disgusting and degrading. . I was sick for about 2- 3 month just like Neo in the movie The Matrix. I had also come out of this relationship with this guy who admitted later that he was sent to steal my joy, he said he could see the joy in me in 2017. I told him about some of the things I had found out at that time. He moved on to the next one. By now I had no job because I was still going back and forth to court, my oldest son was working then he became sick, income was cut almost completely off. I was getting a disability check for my second son.

Then in 2019 I started watching videos of IUIC and other camps, I had come out of the church but didnt know where to turn. The camps was heavily on YouTube at this time, I didn’t know how to study but inside it didn’t resonate with everything they were saying. One day I came across this video and in the comment section people kept mentioning Deuteronomy 28, at that time I had never heard of Deuteronomy 28. I kept reading and I said to myself  “That’s us” I still didn’t fully believe it was talking about us so-called African American, Black. About 2 month after I read the chapter I still wasn’t convinced that so-called Africans, blacks were the people of the book. I was shown a vision I still see to this day. I could see people standing around talking looking like I do. They had on colorful clothes unlike what we wear today, striped and long robes and they were talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. This was convincing to me after this night I had no doubt we were the people of the book.

The first week of March 2020 the year of Coronavirus I was still in the church at that time, I caught a cold 3 days before Sunday. I called the Pastor that Saturday and told him I wasn’t coming to church Sunday because of the cold. I never went back after that. The 3rd week of March 2020 on a Sunday I called my eldest Brother to ask him about who we were, he said he knew and told me about cousin CooYah at the time neither of us knew that YAHUAH had chosen us. I remembered mentioning the name Lord, Jesus . CooYah told me Jesus meant earth pig and not to say those names and to look them up. And he told me about Mureh of Yasharal Youtube channel, I had never heard of Mureh Of Yasharal. After 2 weeks I finally got around to researching the name. I was shocked. I said to myself ” all these years I was calling on an earth pig for salvation?!! Then I went to Mureh of Yasharal and the very first video I watched was The Set Apart Name. I was shocked to my core and was convicted. The Set Apart Video showed me the correct names of our father YAHUAH and YAHUSHA.

To sum it up, YAHUAH was leading and guiding me to The Way . The year 2020 was so revealing to me just like the 2020 vision. My eyes were opened and the truth had set me free. YAHUAH showed me things in phazes because there’s no way I could’ve handled the revealing at one time.
This is why I always give YAHUAH the glory for what he has done .

Sister Dalilayah

Ahut DalilaYah

Daughter Of Yasharal

Here Is My Testimony

Shalum I’m DalilaYah and here is a little bit of my testimony… I was raised in a Christian family home. Went to a Christian church that taught Jewish roots and customs… And that is where I met my wonderful husband. In 2011 He moved us from my home state of Oregon to VA and his eyes started to open to the truth around 2018 but those he listened to said somethings about our marriage and children.

 Since I am mixed and our children are mixed had him questioning alot. So you can imagine what went through my mind, wondering if he was going to listen to them and their lies or trust in The Most High about our union. He would get some clarity on that issue and move on but then would listen to someone else and the same topic came up and we would be back to that same question… and me feeling some type of way. But holding on to what I know, I knew The Most High brought us together for a reason and purpose and this wasn’t going to stop His plan, so I prayed The Most High would give him more clarity on the matter. His eyes wasn’t fully open and awake to the whole truth until 2021 when we were at one of our lowest points.

 Once he was awaken he told me about The Most High’s name (Yahuah) and let’s just say at first I was not on board but it didn’t take me long to get on board then when he learned of Yahusha’s name and told me we have to stop calling on the name JC I was like what…. that can’t be then he showed me and I haven’t called on that name since. But guess what came back around… yup you guessed it that same topic came around shortly after Mureh talked to my husband in a chat on YouTube and we started following his videos. So my husband asked Mureh about our marriage Mureh told him because my earthly father is seed then that’s what I am because we are what our father is… And here we are! I’ve always knew The Most High had great plans for him and I and I thank Yah everyday for giving my husband wisdom and understanding and the ability to lead his family in the right path.