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The Path Of Years Made Easy

In March 2018 the sun ended its 364 day cycle on the 17th of March 2018. The 17th is also called an Intercalary Day.

On The Morning Of March 18th 2018 , When The Sun Rose, The new Solar cycle began.

In Genesis Chapter 1 The Sun And Moon both had 354 days. They were both perfectly aligned and in their starting positions. This event happens for us every 32-32.5 years. When the sun begins its cycle it moves ahead of the moon 12 hours and at the end of 12 months there is a 6 day overplus for the sun. The Leaders & Heads Of Thousands or (Alahyam) added 4 intercalary days. When you add the 6 day overplus with the 4 intercalary days you get 10 days the Moon falls (NATURALLY) behind the Sun.


When the Moon falls behind the sun in the amount of ten days every year, this is the”Natural Order” and is by design of our FATHER YAHUAH. When you add a 13th month or try to keep the First Month/Habayab in the Springtime or inline with the season or time of year, you are only making this change on paper. This natural order of the moon falling behind is recorded on the “Heavenly Tablets” and the AlahYam said it was good, meaning everything was working properly and on time. When You make changes by adding a 13th month, YOU DISTURB THIS NATURAL ORDER.

In 2019 YAHUAH stretched forth his hand and revealed to the Children Of Yasharal once again, The Path Of Years. The Moon was exactly 10 Days away from the Solar Event.

On March 7th 2019 in the evening marking the 8th Day, Hedash appeared making “Friday” Renewed Moons Day.

When you count Ten Days, you come to the 17th which was the intecalary day from the prior year and the year was complete in 364 days which is equal day and equal night

March 18th 2019 at Sunrise began day 1 of the Solar New Year.

According to the book of Jubilees 6:36-37 that men will disturb this “Natural Order” when they see that the moon comes in ten days too soon . 

The Moon Moves Away From The Sun

Alot of our brothers and sisters mistake this “Natural Order”  for an error. And end up Making Adjustments to the calendar Following the ways Of The Gentiles after their error and after their ignorance. They will see the moon falling back into the winter months and say “We have to bring the moon back to the Spring” and it will be at that point when they disturb the “Natural Order” and dislodge all their feast days.

In 2019 The Jews added a thirteenth month because the barley harvest was not ripe and they moved away from the Path. They will be adding an additional 13th month This year in 2024.

Also in 2019 The Israelite Brothers Stayed, but started their month from the Full Moon, which would put their Pasah/Passover on the Dark Moon.

In February 2019 The Man Of Sin was revealed: His name is Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud, who is the Crowned Prince Of Saudi Arabia. This Is Esau brothers and sisters.

And in August 2019 Our 400 years of Captivity came to completion.

Is This All A Coincidence? 

Events Of 2019

When YAHUAH told Mosheh and Aharon in Exodus 12:2 

“This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.”

What do you think they saw in the sky at that time? If you said Hedash you are right! The Path Of Years was given to the Children Of Yasharal and they had a starting point. YAHUAH Stretched Forth his hand to Yasharal and put them on HIS time right before HE delivered them from Matzrayam. Stay Diligent, Keep Watch, and Always look up for our remdemption draws nigh Yasharal! HALAL YAH!

Path Of Years Videos


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This page is very direct. Outstanding messages my brothers.


Outstanding message brother Yaka. I pray that someone get this message. Praise Yah.


My favorite page, the path of years. Pray that more information will be added; I really appreciate this. Todah


Very well dome Brother Mayakaal. Your work is helping us all. Praise be to YAH




I like this page, very necessary


I agree!

Shalom Yasharal! Comment Herex