Part One

Matthew 6:9-15

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”



Greetings, esteemed members of Yahsharal! It is with immense pleasure that I introduce myself as Brother Dash, a seasoned individual of 56 years who discovered the wisdom and knowledge of YAHUAH’S will for my life in 2014. As with many of you, I was fortunate enough to meet our elder brother Daud in 2018. Through him, I was able to perceive YAHUAH’S path of years, which has changed not only my perspective on life but has also allowed me to retrospectively understand and correctly apply lessons from my past experiences. I am eager to share these invaluable lessons with you, should you deem me worthy of your trust.

Deuteronomy 28:49-50

Yahuah will bring a nation against you from far away, from the end of the earth, swooping down like the eagle, a nation whose language you do not understand, a hard-faced nation who shall not respect the old or show mercy to the young.

Brother Praying 1
Praying Brother

As I continue to share my insights and reflections through written expression on this digital platform known as a blog, I am constantly aware of my dependance on YAHUAH. With each keystroke and keyword, I am humbled by the opportunity to offer my personal perspectives on a wide range of topics that are relevant to the Set-Apart Scriptures. From the joys of everyday life to the struggles that we all face, I am grateful to have a platform to pour out the contents of my heart and mind. The Most High, in His infinite wisdom, has provided me with a voice that I hope will inspire, uplift, and encourage those who come across my words. Through blogging, I can connect with a diverse group of readers from around the globe and share my message of hope and positivity with them. For that, I am truly grateful.

Many of us have either experienced or know someone who has experienced encounters with law enforcement in this country. Unfortunately, it is an understatement to say that many of our brothers and sisters have had horrific encounters. It is often difficult to fully comprehend the current legal system and the constant battles we face against it. Whether it is law enforcement invading our privacy or bringing charges against us, or other government entities we find ourselves up against, it seems like an ongoing struggle with no clear resolution in sight for the Black community. Why do these situations happen to us? As individuals and as a collective, what is the Most High trying to teach us through these adverse encounters that have negative impacts on our lives?

Law Enforcement
Man In Blue Arrested

My hope is that by the end of this series, you will realize that YAHUAH deliberately allows us to suffer under certain conditions as a collective, not because he does not love us, but to teach us the lessons that our ancestors refused to learn. The impact of these lessons is profound on all of us. It is clear that we are not the leaders, but rather the followers when it comes to building this nation, despite all the efforts our ancestor contributed. It is important to note that YAHUAH places his trust in the earth, which we often fail to recognize. Through these lessons, I hope to show how we miss this trust and how understanding it can help us effectively deal with government entities, especially law enforcement. Furthermore, I will highlight the role that our faith plays in these situations. Please join me in this amazing journey shining light on his trust! Praise YAH!


I need you to trust me! How many times have you heard this phrase in your lifetime? If you are like me, then probably thousands of times, but what do people mean when they say this phrase to you? In common parlance, most mean that they want you to believe they are dependable in completing some act or promise made to you. This of course is a good starting point for the definition, but have you ever noticed we rarely, if ever ask those who say this to us, why should I? Asking such a straightforward question can seem disrespectful and may in many instances bring our relationships with others into question. However, did you know that we as the people of the book definitely reply to YAHUAH in this fashion many times without realizing it? Over one-hundred times in the scripture, we find the word “trust.” One instance can be found at Psalms 37:3, which states:

Psalms 37:3 – Trust in the YAHUAH, do good, dwell in the land, and befriend faithfulness.

But does YAHUAH want us to trust him in the way many of our loved ones ask us to, or is there a greater meaning in what he is asking us to do that is vastly different than our normal understanding of the word?

Brown-Driver-Briggs defines the word trust as 1.) to trust or trust in, 2.) to have confidence in, be confident, 3.) to be bold, 4.) to be secure, 5.) to cause to trust, make secure, 6.) to feel safe or be careless, properly to hie (seek) for refuge but not so precipitately (prematurely) as H2620 – to seek refuge, flee for protection, to confide in or have hope, make refuge, put trust.

At first glance, this definition seems to convey the same meaning as we use in our common vernacular. However, if we do a deeper dive, we find that a tangible action(s) must be executed by a person(s) (actors) who cause the outcome of a “trust.” We usually do not think of “trust” in the sense of action. We usually view it in an esoteric sense, or in much the same way we view the word faith, both being intangible, or words that convey thought or spirit, rather than an overt act. However, this is not how our creator views it. His intent is different than ours. Let me explain further!

Blue Lettter Bible

(Genesis 2:7) Then YAHUAH formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.

 Every living creature has been given three powers by YAHUAH, which make it viable or give it the capacity to live and survive.

  1. A resource of energy and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual design to make possible an essential use of that energy.
  2. A will to fulfill the highest potential of its innate endowment of energy and design.
  3. An executive capacity to achieve fruition by producing a beneficial output, which is a multiple and perpetuation of its input.

A TRUST is an idea of a task or action to be performed or a goal to be achieved (a legal fiction) until people supply the necessary LOYALTY, WILL, and LABOR in order to MANIFEST its principle(s) and purposes.

A declaration of TRUST is a written statement, an agreement or contract, which expressly declares the exact way in which people called “TRUSTEES” are to be engaged to MANIFEST, (carry out, execute) the principles and purposes of the TRUST and give it its life, locomotion (movement), and effect. Once the “TRUSTEES” are chosen, received, and assume their “duties” as officers of the TRUST, to play out their “bit parts” as actors for the TRUST, a record or log of the activities of the TRUST is kept which then provides the biography or history of the TRUST, called the minutes which “asserts” and bears “witness”

of its legal existence for all people to examine and challenge. The “TRUSTEES” may not use or engage the TRUST to do anything which will impair, or tend to impair, the viability of the TRUST.

Trust is the method of all creation. Trust is the means by which YAHUAH created all things seen and unseen. It is the method by which man at a lower state also creates. The method of creation is carried out by actors.



Every TRUST is modeled after living things.

  1. A person who endows the TRUST with principles, purposes, and initial energy is called the GRANTOR of the TRUST. That with which a GRANTOR endows a TRUST is called the body or Corpus of the TRUST.
  2. A person (GRANTOR) who supplies (BEQUETHS) the will (DESIRE) and propulsion to fulfill the highest potential of the innate endowment of principles, purposes, and energy of the TRUST is called the “TRUSTEE.”
  3. A person who benefits from the production, fruition, or value output of the TRUST is called the Beneficiary of the TRUST. The “TRUSTEES” may not use/engage the TRUST to act in conflict of the interest with the principles, purposes, and/or endowment of the GRANTOR, or in conflict with the interest(s) or the Beneficiary(ies).

Genesis 1:1-5

(1)  In the beginning, YAHUAH (GRANTOR) created (ENDOWMENT/BEQUETHAL) the heavens and the earth (BODY-CORPUS).

(2)  The earth (BODY-CORPUS) was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of (YAHUAH) (TRUSTEE) was hovering (MOVING THE ENDOWMENT) over the face of the waters (BODY-CORPUS).

(3)  And YAHUAH (GRANTOR) said, “Let there be light,” (THE WILL OF ENDOWMENT/BEQUETHAL) and there was light (BODY-CORPUS).

(4)  And YAHUAH (GRANTOR) saw that the light was good. And YAHUAH (GRANTOR) separated the light from the darkness (BODY-CORPUS).

(5)  YAHUAH (GRANTOR) called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.

Deuteronomy 4:1-8

(1)  “And now, O YAHSHARAL (TRUSTEE), listen to the statutes and the rules (BODY-CORPUS) that I am teaching you, and do them (BODY-CORPUS), that you may live, and go in and take possession of the land (Benefit) that YAHUAH (GRANTOR) of your fathers (TRUSTEE), is giving you (ENDOWMENT/BEQUETH of GRANTOR).

(2)  You (TRUSTEE) shall not add (IMPAIR) to the word (TRUST, BODY-CORPUS) that I command you, nor take (IMPAIR) from it (TRUST, BODY-CORPUS), that you may keep the commandments (TRUST) of YAHUAH (GRANTOR) that I command you (TRUSTEE).

(3)  Your eyes (TRUSTEE) have seen what YAHUAH (GRANTOR) did at Baal-peor, for the YAHUAH your (GRANTOR) destroyed from among you (TRUSTEE) all the men (TRUSTEE FAILURES) who followed the Baal of Peor.

(4)  But you (TRUSTEE) who held fast (COMPLETED DUTIES) to YAHUAH (GRANTOR) are all alive today.

(5)  See, I have taught you (TRUSTEE) statutes and rules (BODY-CORPUS), as YAHUAH (GRANTOR) commanded me (TRUSTEE), that you (TRUSTEE) should do them in the land (BENEFIT) that you (TRUSTEE) are entering to take possession of it (BENEFIT).

(6)  Keep them and do them (BODY-CORPUS), for that will be your (TRUSTEE) wisdom and your understanding (BENEFITS) in the sight of the people (OUTSIDERS OF THE TRUST), who, when they hear all these statutes (BODY-CORPUS), will say, ‘Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people’ (TRUSTEES).

(7)  For what great nation (TRUSTEE & BENEFICIARIES) is there that has a POWER (GRANTOR) so near to it as YAHUAH is to us (TRUSTEE), whenever we (TRUSTEE) call upon him?

(8)  And what great nation (TRUSTEE) is there, that has statutes and rules (BODY-CORPUS) so righteous (LAWFUL/LEGAL) as all this law (TRUST) that I (TRUSTEE) set before you today?

signing documents
Signing Documents 2

It should be obvious that YAHUAH has created a “Trust” for his people. It is up to us as his citizen trustees to understand it and do it (duties).

So, how does a Trust work? Trusts work in stages. The stages are the action or what we call faith. We can identify these stages or elements of a Trust and their importance. These elements or stages emulate the seven stages of human experience from conception of life to death. This connection between human experience and Trust structure occurs primarily because a trust is a legal/lawful process intended to imitate the person (GRANTOR) who creates it (wills or bequeaths), and to do in life and perpetuity what he or she desires to do through the process of trust, cannot do by himself or herself due to some formality, or because of their death.  

  1. First stage: Gestation – corresponding to principles, causes, and propositions.
  2. Second stage: Childhood – corresponding to experimenting, testing, and discovery of purpose.
  3. Third stage: Adolescence – the maturing of purpose by endowment of energy.
  4. Fourth stage: Adulthood – corresponding to responsibility, loyalty,
  5. Fifth stage: Productivity and fruition.
  6. Sixth stage: Legacy – corresponding to beneficial output.
  7. Seventh stage: Death of person – corresponding to perpetuity of the trust.
Picture Graphic

A Trust works just like the circle of life of a human being, who can function as any one of the three positions of a Trust mentioned earlier. Each of the three positions has a life of its own. We as human beings made in the image of YAHUAH are created to live out specific stages of our lives. Although these stages were different prior to the fall of Adam, we can say for certain that these stages are true, and they work as intended according to the will (desire) of the Most High. Within the composition of a Trust, the GRANTOR’s wishes, ideas, or ideals are bequeathed by him and act as an artificial person animated by “bit players” or actors called TRUSTEES according to a script (conceptual endowment of principles, purpose, and design) and financing (a financial endowment/bequeathal) provided by a person or persons called GRANTORS for the benefit of value-receiver(s) called BENEFICIARIES.

Now I know most of this may seem very technical in nature. However, do not let it go over your head. You do this very process  of trust creation every day, yet you fail to realize when you are doing it. Merely asking your child to clean their own room is the process of initiating a trust. Will your child perform their duty as trustee so that upon completion they can be the beneficiary?

To recap, we have learned that there is more to the term trust than meets the eye. When YAHUAH speaks of trust, it is the process (action) of converting will (His desires), an intangible asset (idea or principle) into a tangible thing by and through the means of power of movement by a second person called a trustee, who in turn completes this duty for the benefit of a third party called a beneficiary. Everything seen and unseen was created in this manner. This trust, once initiated, lives out its life much like a human being does in stages. These are the basics. Please read part one several times. You will need to completely understand these basic concepts concerning the process of trust in order to move forward with your understanding of how to deal with government today.

The Way Truth and Life

Continue along with me to the next lesson in part two, and this will begin to make more sense. Again, man’s only means to create is by mimicking YAHUAH, his spirit and his son through the process of creating and implementation of trust. I hope what I have shown you thus far proves how the Most High creates by the method of Trusts. To evaluate your understanding of what has been written thus far, take the time to go back to the very top of the lesson on the first page and look at the passage I have quoted at Matthew 6:19. It is Yahusha’s prayer to YAHUAH. Can you identify the grantor, trustee, and beneficiary in that passage? Try it for yourself.


Later, in part two, we will look further into how a trust works, what happens to a trust when its stages/elements break down, such as when the trustee fails in his or her duties to move the trust and look at a few working examples concerning breach of trust in scripture. We will also discuss the creation of the United States and identify the trust upon which it is based. Remember that American law is no

different than any other trust. If you understand YAHUAH’S trust, you are enabled to overcome any creation of man, especially when they are in violation of the trust they are under. Until next time, I love you family!

Brother Dash!

Ecclesiastes 1:9 – What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.

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Shalum Brother Dash. I know that your contribution to this site will help all that takes advice from you. Praise YAH people here with different talents that can help all that want the truth. All praises to the almighty YAHUAH.

Mayaka'al Ben Yasharal

Shalom Brother Dash! Your page is now set up for you to make Blog entries. I will email you my number so that I can set up a time to walk you through the steps necessary for you to edit and create blog entries on your own. If you are not wanting to do this on your own, feel free to email the content you want displayed and I will put it up for you. Either way I can hardly wait to subscribe to your content! Happy Creating!



I ahab this page,
Will be reading and studying


Shalum Mashapah,
I like Ahu updated page: Blogging With Dash
I like how everything is under a heading there's so much here to read,study and store this information. I still have my note book handy.
Ahu Dash YAHUAH Barukyam

Last edited 6 months ago by DaYah
Mayaka'al Ben Yasharal

All Praises!


Bru Dash,
I meant that " it's so much to read,study and store in a good way" I don't mind reading, studying, writing. I have no complaints about your blogging but I also get what your saying about Mureh and Mayaka'al.
Tudah Bru Dash


Bru Dash,
I have no complaints about the length of your blog. I meant "its so much to read, study and store" in a good way by me taking notes,my note book is handy. I don't mind reading and studying and writing your blog but I do get what your saying about Mureh Daud and Bru Mayaka'al.
Tudah Bru Dash
Halla YAH

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